No Magic for Whovians

So, ... my current roommate (spare room renter) ~seru-crescent ... in addition to being obsessed with Final Fantasy 7, is a MAJOR Whovian. (or for those of you not familiar with this particular fandom phrase. Means she's especially fond of the (new) Series "Doctor Who".) and as such, she has been steadily converting me to the fandom, (which I had hitherto never watched.) ...

Anyways, we were watching the episodes "Daleks in Manhattan" and "Evolution of the Daleks" and in particular the multiple sewer chase scenes, when I kept thinking to myself, "if something heavy knocks one over and sits on it... then what?" ... which somehow immediately translated into this image.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with "Daleks" they are a Genocidal Alien race whose 'natural' state is a tentacled squid Cyclops thing. and they sit in these very specific shells equipped with 'death rays' and all-purpose rubber info extractors. They can float, and slowly move about, and are practically indestructible. (also they frequently state in this 'sci-fi' show that 'Magic' does not exist, and everything is merely SOME form of science...)

That explained, the thought of a Dragon pinning a Dalek to the ground and sing-songing about eating it, tickled my funny bone, and I had to sketch it up.
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