Cursed Canine-Taur: Commission

A long-Term, highly specific Commissioned Character from the Infamous (amonst furries anyways,) Mozdoc.

This is one of many commissions I have completed for said friend, the most well-known of which being the "Sleipnir-Taur" (as seen below.)

This character, which I call his "Canine-Taur" or sometimes "Puppy-Taur" since it's actual name is not one I allow myself to use, (female-dog + taur.) Is one of his more frequently drawn characters from what I've gathered, and he wanted to see my own personal twist on Him.

Due to my own "Modesty" policies when it comes to character nudity, I offered to try to design an outfit for the Canine-Taur which would allow him to function despite his Cursed Attributes. It was quite an interesting, and different challenge for me, and outside of the usual "comfort-range" of character types I draw. Thankfully Mozdoc was quite patient with my time-taking, and I finally produced a finished product that we were both fairly happy with.
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