I Always Look Good

My portion of an Art-Trade with LeoOsaka on DeviantART. Her character "Marka".

I redesigned Marka's Dragon form a little, using the original concept as a base.

I had a pretty good Idea of what I wanted to do with this one, as I'd scribbled a couple dozen little drawings on the back of classwork papers and assignment sheets. I tried to design this with Marka's human concept in mind.

Marka always strikes me as a very self-assured sort of person, and I couldn't see his dragon form being any different. He's also a rather lean and lanky character by design, so I tried to transfer that look to his dragon form as well.

The only part I'm not happy with is the tip of the tail... the 'curly' aspect I lent to the rest of the mane doesn't look as good on the end of the tail...
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