Elapidae Draconem
Also Known As "Cobra Dragon".

I made up this piece specifically for the "Year of the Snake" contest at #Dragon-Fanatics

As the name suggests I designed this dragon critter based on cobras and other venomous snakes. ... the patterning is Mostly "Philippine Cobra" and part "Bush Viper" and part "Diamond Back Rattlesnake" ... needless to say it's a very venomous dragon. ;)

I envision this dragon living in a very tropical climate, where food is plentiful, but there are bigger predators to warn away.

I had a lot of fun with this piece, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. (though as some might notice, I didn't try to match the lighting in the background with the foreground. I was trying to leave emphasis on the design concept.) and much thanks to my brother ~amascusmage for suggestions on snake species and overall support.

Coy Wolf - Tattoo Commission
This image was commissioned through my brother ~Khodexus ... who had a friend online who'd seen and particularly liked my Vector Furrsona, and wanted a design.

Her request was in particular, "A male wolf, in a feminine pose, done in a tattoo style." ... rather a thought-provoking order, but I found the challenge quite interesting. so here's my efforts. ... this may NOT be the finished version, as I haven't gotten feedback from this since the first-draft. (over a year ago.) ... So I was hoping posting it online would make it more accessible to this particular fan.

Luka - Color
So here's the colored version of my character Luka,

A Father's Form
This picture, is a finished and colored Furrsona Avatar for my father ~Papa-Wolf ...

He's just started work teaching full-time in Texas, while in a fast-track program to help him get his teaching credentials.

anyways, he asked me for an Avatar that he could post on the teacher's websites. and I made this up for him. (yes he did in fact request it to be anthropomorphic.)

I've long-since decided to draw my father's furrsona as a 'manned-wolf' species. Those of you who aren't familiar with manned wolves, (which are neither wolves, nor the foxes they resemble) I highly recommend looking them up! They're a fascinating species.

My Personal Dragon - Colored
I finally got around to coloring "My Personal Dragon". The original drawing was based on a "What kind of Dragon Are You" Quiz by *Dreamnorn. which, unfortunately, no longer seems to be up.

Anyways, according to the quiz I was mostly 'Water', secondary 'Wind', and just a dash of 'bubble' (which is a cat-like dragon)

In keeping with my new theme, here's the next "Roth" picture. Sephiroth Cosplaying "Cupid" for Valentines day.

Now, I just couldn't really picture going with the cliché 'cherub in a diaper' version of cupid, so I actually based this one more on the Renaissance paintings of the Greek god 'Cupid'. ... So it's rather half 'anatomy study' and half 'fan service'.
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