'Miscellaneous Quote' Button Set


Each of these buttons is 2.25 inches in diameter.

this 'set' currently includes:

"Don't Take Yourself so Seriously! No one else does!",
"My Mind is like LIGHTNING! One Flash, and it's GONE.",
"If Life SUCKS, Use it as a VACUUM to clean up the MESS!" (This button was actually a commission. and the spelling has been fixed.),
"I am the CURE for Sanity",
"All who believe in telekinesis... RAISE MY HAND!",
and "EVIL keeps me Young"

Additional Purchasing Options:
I DO COMMISSIONS Button - $3.00
Don't Take Yourself so Seriously! Button - $3.00
My Mind is like LIGHTNING! Button - $3.00
If Life SUCKS... Button - $3.00
I am the CURE for Sanity Button - $3.00
All who believe in telekinesis... Button - $3.00
EVIL keeps me Young Button - $3.00

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