About the Artist

Jianre Moriancomer, (also known as “Jenevieve Benner”) Is a mostly self-taught artist who holds a particular fascination with the fantasy genre. Since the time she was small Jianre spent most of her free time with a pencil in hand. Nearly all of her illustrations skills were learned the hard way, by observing and learning from hers and others mistakes. Although she took several art classes during her middle and high-school years, she still often surpassed the expectations of her peers.

Jianre specializes in what she terms “Chimeric” work, (A Chimera being a creature made up of more than one animal, monster, or species.) She has always held a fascination with mixing the physical aspects of different beings, and loves to invent her own combinations. But she is far from limited to one genre or category in her work, with subjects ranging from Fantasy to Sci-Fi, portraits and paintings, to 3-D modeling and sculpture. She loves a challenge and is often seen happily rising to the occasion.

Jianre Moriancomer is currently 34 years old, and living with her family in Fullerton, CA. Her house-hold consists of 1 mom, 1 dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 6 cats, 7 birds, 5 fish and 1 dog. Always an eventful place where friends are welcome and “adopted” family abounds. Jianre’s goals in life are to make a living with her artwork and writing, and to help her siblings and friends aspire to do the same.

Jianre Moriancomer is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormons as we are more popularly known as. if you have any questions about what that means, feel free to visit: www.mormon.org )


For more places to find Jianre and her work, check out the following:

- For the quickest updates and fastest information, DeviantART is Jianre’s main internet hangout!

- Star Dragon Studios, this business was originally founded by Jianre herself, and is now a conglomeration of artists working together and striving to help each other succeed! For information on Conventions and other events Jianre might be attending, check here.